Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrating 2 more weeks at #1 for "SONS and BROTHERS in SEATTLE"

As we start the Memorial Day weekend, I'm celebrating 2 more weeks at #1 on the Fiction-Drama best sellers list at Smashwords for SONS and BROTHERS in SEATTLE. This book has been holding in the top number one or number two spot since late March.

This is my special Smashwords second edition, with bonus chapters from the sequel, Sons and Brothers Sail into Danger. The success of this book (and my four others) at Smashwords is the reason I can say that there have been thousands of downloads/sales of my fiction titles.

I'm offering this eBook for FREE for the Memorial Day weekend. Just enter TC77W at the Smashwords checkout (actually good thru 6/6/10).

The 'star' of SONS and BROTHERS in SEATTLE, Cameron Connors, is a young father trying to deal with a mother who likes the idea of children, but otherwise appears not to like her own. Cameron has managed to get his own two young sons away from his mother, but now he needs to rescue Brendan, his younger brother.

As Cameron has learned over the years, his mother can be quite two-faced, and heaven help anyone who crosses Mrs. Rachael Connors. Cameron and his mother are currently in a state of cease-fire, but that could change dramatically based on what Cameron has planned for the next few weeks in order to challenge his parents for custody of Brendan.

Will Cameron succeed in creating a new family of four, or will he lose? The stakes are high, and Cameron stands to lose custody of his own two sons if he is not careful. Follow the saga of Cameron as he struggles to do what he knows he must do, and what is right.

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