Monday, February 22, 2010

FREE e-BOOKS for "Read an eBook Week"

It’s read an eBook week (March 6th – 13th) and I have FREE eBooks to celebrate!

I can’t claim to have originated the idea, but I fully support the “Read an e-Book Week” sponsored by Smashwords and over 30 other e-Book publishers and retailers. While I also like the printed book, the ease-of-use of newer e-readers and reader-software for computers makes it possible to carry hundreds of books around. What’s more, there are places you can find on the web to get samples of books, so you can browse just as you would do in a book store. SMASHWORDS is one example of a site where you can sample up to 50% of books before you buy. That’s right! You can read up to half of the book before deciding to buy! It doesn’t get any better or more convenient than that.

If you don’t have a Kindle® or other e-reader, you can still find really good software for reading on a computer. My preferred choice is a product called ‘MOBIPOCKET READER.’ I use it all the time myself, and it makes my laptop turn into the same thing as an e-reader worth hundreds of dollars. This software is very easy to install and use, and with the text-flow feature, can use the full screen to display pages. You can adjust the size and type of font for reading, and the software will also convert PDF and DOC files to the correct MOBI format. If you are downloading eBooks to read, you can just download in MOBI format, the same format that Kindle® uses. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

To do my part in celebration of “Read an e-Book Week,” I will continue to offer four of my books for FREE. They are all available in multiple formats (including for Kindle®) at SMASHWORDS:

My most recent book, ROBERT’S RIDE, is listed as “name your price” on Smashwords. That means you can get it for FREE, or you can elect to pay something for it. The choice is yours

So, that means 5 of my fiction titles are yours for FREE, in celebration of “Read an e-Book Week.”

I also recommend a site, FREE ONLINE NOVELS, where all of the eBooks are FREE, including mine! Of course, you can find my FREE eBooks at SMASHWORDS, and you can find all of my published print books and eBooks at

However and whatever you read, I wish for you,

Happy reading,


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Newest e-Book is "ROBERT'S RIDE"

After adding a number of new chapters to the original ROBERT'S RIDE published on Lulu many months ago, I've now published it on SMASHWORDS. As with my others on Smashwords, it is available in multiple formats, including 'Mobi' for Kindle®.


Born in a small town in rural south-west Georgia and placed in a foster home after being orphaned at five. Those were the bare bones words to describe Robert’s first years.

He is big for his age and hard to place, but after too many years, he is finally one of the lucky ones to be picked as a potential adoptee. He struggles to make sure his new adoptive mother likes him and wants to keep him, in spite of the fact that she really has no idea what to do with a child. She is well meaning, but rather emotionless. Robert desperately tries to figure out to read her and please her. Join Robert as he experiences the adventure of a new home, a new school, and new friends, along with some more dramatic events.

Will it all work? Will Robert really find the home he needs and wants?

Find out if Robert’s life takes a turn for the better, in ROBERT’S RIDE.

Happy reading,


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where to find more FREE e-Books!

Ah, Groundhog Day. If it’s more winter we’re getting, then there is a need to curl up with a few more good books. Of course, I hope mine are chosen, but if not mine, there’s a good website that offers a really good choice of FREE e-Books. It’s called “Online-Novels.” It is certainly worth more than a look, and it organizes the available fiction works into a wide variety of categories. I certainly recommend it!

And how about the new i-Pad®? It will be interesting to see how it can perform as an e-reader. That’s a good thing about SMASHWORDS … it offers a wide variety of formats for every e-reader. Check it out, and...

Happy reading.


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