Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 books reach new high rankings at Barnes & Noble

2 of my books, Playing the Baseball Card, and A Family Legacy: The Watson Works, have reached new high rankings at Barnes and Noble.  The two books have held a top 1% sales rank at B&N.com for some months now, but they are continuing to creep upwards in the sales rankings, and now both are in the top one-half of 1% for all books at B&N.  In fact, Playing the Baseball Card has been holding into the top 1/4 of 1% for a few weeks.  

In addition, a search of all "Baseball" books listed at B&N reveals that Playing the Baseball Card is the top-ranked fiction book (yes: number one) with a baseball theme, and is number four overall, behind non-fiction titles including biographies about Mickey Mantle and Shoeless Joe Jackson.

So, as we celebrate the first day of summer and I blog today about one of the games of summer, I'm extraordinary happy to see that some of my young adult fiction titles are doing so well.  Playing the Baseball Card is still free, for now, at Smashwords.  Have a look, and

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear 11-, or 12-, or 15-year-old me

In my books aimed at Young Adults, I often put my characters in situations that would seem extraordinary, but all of the situations are possible and most are inspired by real-life events.  My characters are also inspired by real young people, and I have often said I hope the events in my stories will help some young people in their own lives.  I sometimes wish I had the benefit of these stories when I was younger.

I have also pondered, as I write, what kind of advice I'd give myself, if only I could go back and visit myself at a younger age.  I came across a video, posted on You Tube earlier this year, that I really like.  It's called "Dear 15-year-old me."  I truly think it's worth watching.

What advice would you give yourself?  And, what age would you target?

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