Sunday, March 31, 2013

Playing the Baseball Card, a short novel by Wilson James

It's spring training, for major league baseball, and time to think about watching or playing.  This is also the time I celebrate the success of Playing the Baseball Card, and in particular the amazing reviews and ratings at the Apple iTunes bookstore.  This is one review (of many): 

Father and Husband 
by Umpire 24
In my 53 years of living this may be one of the most emotional books I personally have read. Being a big baseball fan and a father of a son who played baseball this book was awesome. I would think any baseball fan and father would love to read this, I actually had a good cry for the first time all during this book. Any if you have time this is a must read book!!
Here's the story:  You are almost 14 years old. Your mother died six years ago, and you help look after your younger brother while you father works. 

Your father is a pitcher for a minor league baseball team, and he is trying to make it into the major leagues. Just when it seems that things are looking better, tragedy strikes again. Now, it’s all up to you. You have your own dreams, and you desperately care about your small family. Will you be able to make it work? Just how much is a young teenage kid capable of doing, anyway?

Playing the Baseball Card is the story of Devin Robinson, the kid who dreams of pitching for the San Francisco Giants.  Find out how Devin and his younger brother, Jordan, made it though their early years, and how Devin tries to make his mark in a world of adults.  Find out how Devin's fierce determination to protect his remaining little family of two leads to adventure and achievement that he never thought possible.  Find out how Devin plays the Baseball Card.

This is a story for baseball fans and anyone else who wants to read about personal courage and determination.

Find out where to buy the book, here.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Free eBooks for Read an eBook Week (update 3/3/13)

It's Read an eBook Week, and it's become one of my favorite weeks of the year.  The history of the week is well described in today's Smashwords Blog post by Mark Coker, and I find it interesting that is was started by a grandmother in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

As a reader, I like being able to find new authors and new books, and with so many of them being reduced in price or even free, it's like being able to browse for days in a book store and walk out with a ton of new books to read.  Update 3/3/13... you can find the listings for Free eBooks here!

As an author, I've found Read an eBook Week to be exciting as I add up the numbers of new readers who have found my books, particularly at Smashwords.  I have always made my books part of the Smashwords promotion of Read an eBook Week, and I'll be doing it again for the fourth year.  Let the week begin!

And, now, here's a Free eBook to get the week started a bit early, and to keep things going after the week's specials. This free eBook is a previous best seller at Smashwords: Sons and Brothers in Seattle, a book about a young man fighting to protect his sons and a younger brother from abusive family members. It's free until March 31st by using this coupon code (TB77N), at the Smashwords online store.

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