Book: A Family Legacy: THE WATSON WORKS

Tragedy has struck the Watson family more times than any family should have to bear. 

Connor, the younger of the two young teen brothers, will have a chance to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to another family, but before he gets that chance, he will have to work hard to keep his own small family intact. Connor will have to make some tough choices, and have to make a stand to support his new family, but will find support in unlikely places. He will know unhappiness and despair, but will ultimately find the strength to do what is needed. 

Join Connor in his search for happiness and a loving family. “A Family Legacy: THE WATSON WORKS” is an unlikely story of family, adventure and courage displayed by young family members who have lost their parents in two separate tragedies. 

In coming to terms with their loss, they find the strength to help themselves and others, and at the same time build a new family to replace what they've lost.

This Fiction Title is available as a multi-format eBook at Smashwords.  Price:  FREE

This Fiction Title is available as a print book at Lulu.  Price: US 14.99

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