Monday, October 10, 2011

Barnes and Noble sales results are amazing!

Thousands are finding my books at Barnes and Noble.  Led by Playing the Baseball Card, with 9 reviews and 31 ratings averaging 4 stars, I can report that I am amazed, astonished, and awed by the numbers of my books reaching the hands of readers through Barnes and Noble (B&  B&N has now distributed well over 30% of all the many thousands of my books in the hands of readers.  I got my latest numbers just yesterday, and as I had one of my characters saying recently, "Wow.  Just, wow."  

Playing the Baseball Card is my top book on B&N, but A Family Legacy: The Watson Works and Playing the 'Son' Card are also doing very well.  In fact, all three of those books are well into the top 1% sales rank at B&N.  Absolutely extraordinary.  I am truly awed by these kinds of numbers, and more motivated than ever to keep on writing.

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