Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Solar Eclipse - in the right place?

Normally I confine my blog posts to topics that are relevant to my writing, but every now and then, there are local events that absolutely require some attention in my blog.  The tsunami that hit Crescent City, California and other places on the US and Canadian west coast, back in March 2011, is one such event, and the Solar Eclipse this Sunday evening is another.  This HuffPost piece describes many details.  

The Annular Eclipse will last about four minutes, at about 6:30 pm, in northern California.  The ring of fire, a feature of these types of eclipse, should be well worth taking the time to see (carefully).  

A person who witnessed this type of eclipse over in Maine, a few years ago, described being able to see rings of fire all over the forest floor.  I wonder how much of that will repeat this evening.

In any event, for those not in the path, this site, of the Slooh Space Camera, is broadcasting the event live, and is a great way to monitor and view the eclipse from anywhere in the world.  In fact the coastal weather forecast for this evening in northern California is cloudy, so the web may be the best place to watch.  For all those interested, I hope you take a look

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