Monday, May 28, 2012

Playing the Baseball Card

I've seen a big surge in sales of Playing the Baseball Card recently, and I'm more than pleased.  I would say that I'm awed and humbled.  
I know it's the right time of year for Baseball, so that makes a difference.  But, there's a more important factor at play here.  Good ratings with positive reviews.

At Barnes and Noble, there have been 45 ratings with an overall average of 3.5 stars.  A reviewer at B&N called the book 'inspiring.'  One of the best things about writing is the ability to share my work, but when it inspires someone, that's a home run.

But, even better? 

At the Apple iBookstore listing for Playing the Baseball Card, there have been 54 ratings with an overall average of four stars.  What's more, there is an amazing review at the iBookstore, and the review has touched me deeply. Here it is:

Father and Husband 
by Umpire 24
In my 53 years of living this may be one of the most emotional books I personally have read. Being a big baseball fan and a father of a son who played baseball this book was awesome. I would think any baseball fan and father would love to read this, I actually had a good cry for the first time all during this book. Any if you have time this is a must read book!!

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