Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finding Free eBooks for Young Adults during Read an eBook Week

This is absolutely the best week of the year to find Free eBooks for Young Adults, but it all ends on MARCH 10th.  It's a perfect time to put a few extra books into the digital library, and I always load up my laptop (and now my new Tab) with eBooks to keep me going for months or longer.  It's time for the annual Read an eBook Week promotions, and there are Free eBooks all over the place.  Sometimes, however, it's just hard to find them.  
     Repeating the successful link from last year, the blog Free eBooks for Young Adults has sorted out all the free eBooks for Young Adults on Smashwords.  I know I'll be checking the link at least twice.  Had a look first time on March 4th and I'll check again on March 10th, just to make sure I haven't missed any great reads that are free for Read an eBook Week.
     Most importantly, joining the hundreds (if not thousands) of books available FREE this week are five of my YA fiction titles, starting with my brand new:

Zac and the Reluctant Prince, Book 1 of the PrinceDavid series, a contemporary story about keeping friendships, seeking adventure, overcoming challenges, and making history.

Playing the Baseball Card, a book that has kept a top 1% sales rank at B&N for over a year, and has been reviewed as 'very inspiring'

Aiden's Arrival: Honor BeforeGold, a book that made it into the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2011

Robert's Ride , a short novel about the challenges facing a young adoptee

And finally, a book I consider my favorite, and a book that sat at #1 best seller for YA at Smashwords for two months, Sons andBrothers in Seattle

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