Thursday, March 15, 2012

the competition continues: Kindle vs. Nook

Yet another view, on HuffPostBooks, about which is better: Kindle or Nook.  The writer of the piece seems to go with the Kindle, essentially because the Amazon online bookstore is better than Barnes & Noble's.  Now, I think the comments about Amazon's online bookstore being better than the B&N version are valid, but that's only part of the story.  

Anyone looking for a reading device ought to look at tablets.  I just picked up my first one a couple of months ago, and I'm really happy.  Now I have one device that can read plus do many other online-related activities. The available android apps allow me to read 'Mobi' (Kindle) files from Amazon, or ePub files from B&N.  Now it doesn't matter where I buy the books, and I do check out a few different online bookstores to see what's new.  

What also impressed me was the very reasonable price of the Tab that I bought.  It was not all that much more than a top of the line Kindle or Nook. It's a great multi-purpose machine, and it does a great job as a reader.  What more is there to want?  Okay, well, maybe some really good books to read on it.  Umm, I do like mine...

Happy Reading, 



  1. I don't have none of them... mine is a Sony, but I absolutely love it, because I can read my favorite books downloaded from All you can books. Also, it has so many great, interesting features and the price was reasonable. I don't regret that I've bought it, but who knows maybe I'll buy one of these to see the difference.

  2. I think that all of us are on the lookout for reasonably-priced (or even free) eBooks, and for the best way of reading them. I actually started out using eReading apps on my laptop, but I've become a convert to small devices such as the Kindle, or the Nook, or my new favorite Tab.

    I'll have to have a look at 'All you can books' and see what that might offer to interest me.

    Thanks for the feedback, and the info.



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