Saturday, February 12, 2011

Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Games, February 12, 2010

One year ago the Winter Games were opened in a spectacular Opening Ceremony in Vancouver, the first such winter games ceremony held in an indoor stadium.

As I watched the ceremony, I had already written most of AIDEN’S ARRIVAL: HONOR BEFORE GOLD.   The Winter Games of Vancouver and Whistler are the main backdrop for the book, although it includes some travel to Europe, as well.

It is somehow very fitting that most of the story in AIDEN'S ARRIVAL: HONOR BEFORE GOLD takes place prior to the opening ceremony of the games.  The story has Aiden and the other boys and girls taking on honorary roles as ‘Faces of the Games.’  One of Aiden’s main tasks is to perform as a forerunner for the Men’s Downhill, and he works very hard to prepare for that role.  The Men’s Downhill is scheduled very early in the Games, so immediately after the opening ceremony, he and others are on a bus back up to Whistler.

How did Aiden prepare for his role in the Games?  How did he get there in the first place?  Oh, and how does he do in his role as a forerunner on the day of the Men’s Downhill?

You will have to read the book to find out, and for readers of this blog, I am making the book free, for the one-year anniversary duration of the Games (that is, until 2-28-2011), by simply entering Coupon Code PP74C at Smashwords.

AIDEN'S ARRIVAL: HONOR BEFORE GOLD...Dreams of another life; or reality? Aiden struggles to honor the legacy of his very young physical self, while dealing with memories of a tragedy that seem impossible to reconcile. At the same time, Aiden has been thrust into a public role in the Winter Games with extraordinary expectations for any boy his age. What challenges must Aiden confront? Can Aiden find the courage to meet this reality? 

If you’ve never been to Whistler, you’ll like this short video called miniature Whistler, and you’ll see why Aiden liked Whistler so much.  Want to know still more about Whistler?

If you’ve never seen what makes up a Men’s Downhill ski racing course, you’ll like this NY Times interactive view of the Dave Murray Men’s Downhill at Whistler, rated as one of the best (and toughest) courses in the world.

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