Saturday, March 6, 2010

Read an eBook Week: FREE Books and Coupons

So, "Read an eBoook Week" is here on March 7th. I hope that it proves to be successful. As I mentioned in my Blog recently, my contribution is that five of my titles are FREE. (See the Smashwords specials page for details.) I hope a few more people discover my books.

I'm very happy to note that SONS and BROTHERS in SEATTLE moved up to #4 on the Smashwords YA Best Sellers list; while ROBERT'S RIDE remains at #7 (pretty amazing for a book published less than a month ago). I'm also pleased that of the 488 young adult titles currently available for download at Smashwords, A Family Legacy: THE WATSON WORKS is number 18.

There are a huge number of eBooks available, many of them free. With lots to choose from, everyone should be able to enjoy,

Happy reading,


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