Monday, March 15, 2010

Did you miss "Read an eBook Week"? Sale continues for my books...

It was a great week! "Read an eBook Week" is now over, but it brought lots of sales and downloads. SONS and BROTHERS in SEATTLE spent three days at #1 on the overall Smashwords YA Best Sellers list. I was totally amazed and excited when I saw that happening.

If you missed the sale at Smashwords, you can still get my books free, but you will need coupon code NQ44T to get SONS and BROTHERS in SEATTLE for Free until 5/5/2010. For that book, I've also published a new special Smashwords Second Edition, with BONUS Chapters from the sequel (currently titled SONS and BROTHERS Sail Into DANGER).

I'm thrilled that ROBERT'S RIDE, published only 4 weeks ago, has moved up to #5 on the Smashwords YA Best Sellers list.

One more piece of happy news is that A Family Legacy: THE WATSON WORKS continues to hold its place at around #13 on the overall YA downloads list on Smashwords. There are just under 500 YA titles at Smashwords and over 8,000 titles in total on Smashwords. It's a great site for readers, so

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