Saturday, June 30, 2012

Old Publishing Model (the Big 6) vs. New Publishing Model (self-publishing)

Hmm... let's see. Old publishing model. I send my book to hundreds of agents, and perhaps directly to a publisher or two. I'm told that only vampire, fantasy, and dystopia sells, and my niche audience is not economically viable. I write solid family and adventure reality-based fiction for Young Adults, so my manuscripts are consigned to the slush pile and then the round file. I've got no hope of every getting my stories read. After a while, I lose hope, and I may even stop writing.

New publishing model. I self publish. 

Let's see how that worked: 

I started 2-and-a-half years ago. I am much more than "strikingly upbeat" about how well my 7 books are doing. Tens of thousands of readers have found my books. I am absolutely awed by some of the wonderful reviews and delighted at the ratings. For example, at the Apple iBookstore listing for my book 'Playing the Baseball Card', there have been 54 ratings with an overall average of four stars. 

Old vs. New? New wins! I am more motivated than ever to keep writing.

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