Sunday, January 10, 2010

Featured Book and Earthquakes

Featured Book is Playing the 'Son' Card: (

I have been quite pleased with the response to the publishing of the e-books I’ve done on Smashwords ( It has been only one month since I published my first books on Smashwords, and hundreds of new readers have downloaded my books in that time. I’ve now managed to complete four books to the necessary standard, including Playing the ‘Son’ Card ( It is, however, not as easy as I had though initially, as there are very specific guidelines for setting up the books so that they can be published as multi-format e-books. This is important, as the many formats available for my books on Smashwords mean that my e-books can be read virtually any e-book reader, such as the Kindle®.

I am working on getting the Robert’s Ride and the second in that series (Robert’s Rise), completed and ready for Smashwords. Currently, Robert’s Ride is only available on ( I have some other books still only available on Lulu for the moment, but I’ll be working to get all of my books available on Smashwords. In addition, I am working on a sequel to Sons and Brothers in Seattle, and a new book, tentatively titled “Aiden’s Arrival.”

And just to make life interesting, on Saturday afternoon around 4:30 local time, there was a 6.5 earthquake in my part of the world. Didn’t feel it, as we were on the road at the time and not that close to Eureka, but it is certainly big news in these parts. Here’s a link to the local news coverage:

Also, here’s a link to the USGS “Shake Map” that quite visually shows the affected area:

Happy reading,

Wil James

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